Motion systems for intralogistics tasks have reached a new level thanks to automation. In this context, speed and efficiency are essential and a decisive competitive advantage. Faced with the challenge of automating and optimising the flow of goods in the supply chain, Rexroth has added two new products to its product portfolio that improve efficiency, quality and ensure the smooth flow of materials, components and products.

CtrlX Automation has transformed conveying systems

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest developments in conveying systems from Bosch Rexroth: ctrlX FLOW HS and ctrlX FLOW 6d. Two conveyor systems for improving intralogistics efficiency. Both solutions are part of the ctrlX Automation family and benefit from the connectivity and safety ecosystem. They are based on ctrlX CORE together with the OS operating system. The user has access to all functions, interfaces, interoperability with other systems and communication and security standards thanks to ctrlX IOT The system can be operated using the integrated ctrlX MOTION software. In short, we are talking about flexible, connected and integrated solutions.

ctrlX FlowHS Fast, flexible and compact

Speed and precision in motion. It is a linear motion system for transport and positioning which brings flexibility and high speed to manufacturing, with maximum precision and reduced space requirements. The ctrlX FlowHS system is modular and easy to configure. It stands out for its adaptability to the most demanding industry requirements. Specific systems and routes can be created by freely connecting straight lines, curves and different assembly elements with each other. Intuitive software and interface streamlines the process of making configurations or modifications. The U-shaped design minimises friction and improves the ride to make it fast and efficient even when cornering.

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  • Acceleration: up to 10 G
  • Speed: 5 m/s
  • The sliders can carry a load of up to 2.5 kg (individually) or 5 kg (as a group)
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ctrlX Flow6D Contactless conveying and positioning

If we talk about innovation, we can talk about ctrlX Flow6D. This is a transport system that uses magnetic levitation for its movement. This technology is made possible by powerful, specially arranged permanent magnets, which eliminate contamination and friction and thus significantly reduce wear and tear.

The floating platforms, called movers, are moved in 6 degrees of freedom at high speed and precision, i.e. they can move and position themselves in space in six different ways: left and right, up and down, forward and backward, side-to-side rocking, forward and backward tilting and left and right rotation.

They are able to move on vertical, horizontal or overhead. This solution takes full advantage of industrial levitation, allowing them to be used in numerous sectors thanks to their configurable nature.

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  • Floating height up to 20 mm
  • 10° angle of inclination
  • Load capacity: 220 mm - 6 kg, 160 mm - 3kg
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