Bosch Rexroth certifies its partners for one or more technologies and one or more services. Each partner is qualified as part of a multi-step process and meets our strict quality standards in terms of sales, service, logistics and technical expertise.

DBR Automation has been recognised and awarded by Bosch Rexroth with the following certificates:

CE - Service Partner

These partners are worldwide experts in providing advice and after-sales support for Bosch Rexroth products and solutions. In addition to Bosch Rexroth's qualified expertise, they offer experienced support services for spare parts and product repair. And they offer a wide range of services including, field service, refurbishment, remanufacturing, system performance, upgrades and productivity boosting options that integrate condition monitoring with predictive/preventive maintenance. These capabilities, combined with the integration of state-of-the-art Bosch Rexroth technology, ensure reliable, energy-efficient, high-performance equipment with maximum extended service without excessive investment.

CE - Distribution Partner

Certified partners of excellence for reliable distribution. They are experts in logistics and warehouse management, enabling a fast, smooth and efficient flow of materials from inventory to shipment. Our CE-Partners for distribution not only ship the best Bosch Rexroth products and technology, but also use their certified expertise in "applying Bosch Rexroth technologies" to offer product assembly and installation solutions. Finally, they offer the know-how to select, apply and maintain Bosch Rexroth products and technologies - to the satisfaction of customers.

CE - Solution Partner

Certified Excellence Partners for solutions are a highly qualified extension of Bosch Rexroth and its technology. They are not only technical experts certified to apply various Bosch Rexroth technologies, but also offer in-depth process knowledge with engineering excellence. Spanning design, software programming, assembly and commissioning, they passionately create systems and subsystems that meet the most demanding performance requirements. Bosch Rexroth's extensive product and application training and qualifications enable our CE partners to utilise this in-depth knowledge in all the solutions they offer. All CE solution partners are ready to offer advice and sales support for Rexroth products. Our certified partners are experts when it comes to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.