Adapatability is a key skill for companies in any industry. A company capable of adapting to new scenarios, products and needs will lead the industry and create value significantly faster and better than the competition.
Within the field of logistics and transport, DBR Automation offers different solutions in transfer and assembly systems. We are sales partners of Bosch Rexroth and the synergies created between Rexroth and DBR guarantee the quality of the products and service offered.

Sistema montaje transmision | DBR Automation

Transfer systems are responsible for automating production processes, optimizing material flows and facilitating material handling but, what are the advantages of Bosch Rexroth transfer systems? These systems provide the right solution for your needs: from small product batches to high volumes with short cycle times or manual working areas.
Our products include the traditional TS 2plus and TS 5 conveyor systems. We also have chain systems as VarioFlow plus. These products transport the parts on carriers along the production line to the points of demand.
In industries where products need to be conveyed quickly and accurately, FTS and Active Mover intelligent drive systems have a highly flexible topology that combines this feature with precision and speed, while supporting high load capacities. For high-performance non-contact transport and positioning (used in the semiconductor, food and pharmaceutical industries), ctrlX FLOW6D enables products to be lifted and transported safely.
The factory of the future will require automated transfer systems that increase yield, reduce bottlenecks and improve speed and efficiency.